I’m pretty tired of winning.


I saw some serious downdraft

I shuda got short, but the bitch bounces like trumps mouth on vlads dick



That’s gotta be a chop. Even Republicans aren’t that retarded.


Could be a sign generator.


Has an almost Ingraham or Hannity vibe to it tho.


Sometimes selling begets selling

cud be real


The pensions of a lot of people depend on a strong stock market, many pensions were already precariously funded.

Oh well, they can always collect cans on the side of the road I guess, that helps the environment I hear.


We dropped a bit today but got some of it back, what say the futs, six?


up slightly, 11 points


They’re counting on another good jobs report.

If that comes in under expectations, look out below.


The futs are down 52 at 8:45

fucker was bouncing 20 points a second up or down all day long

20 points on a dow fut is 100 bucks on 1 contract - 5 bucks a point

the 700 point up move was 3500 bucks if ya had the balls to grab it at the low and hold it

but who knew the low outside of the Dukes


Frozen concentrated orange juice?


Trading places - the Dukes


Pork bellies, which are used to make bacon, such as you might find on a bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwich.



The Dukes get the news first - even today


Six calls bullshit on that

The number sucked and the market went up 100 points


I could tell you any number in advance and you still would not know what it will do

Learned this long ago from a smarter fella


DOWN 159 at 1030.