TROY Greek Cuisine, Martinez California - 5 Stars


Looked it up so we could go back sometime… place we ate at the night I got here, it was really good, the restaurant was not very busy probably because we were there later, and really nice.


Ha ha you ate balls


lol I just had the gyro platter, best gyro ever.


Love greek food, including falafels. And stay the hell away from the baklava if you want to keep your girlish figure, it’s damn good too


love the souvlaki… that’s what I’m having there next time.


My wife had that last nite in a place here in Nice, surprised her how good it was. Their Tzatziki was made in-house and it was excellent. I had the grilled octopus and Espilette peppers, fantastic. And like $14 a plate which is CHEAP for good food here.


Sounds great, I want to visit Nice someday!


I love it, obviously. Last 4 trips we’ve swung by here to take French classes and pretend to be locals (until we speak).


hold on, are you in Nice, France or Nice California lol


France until Wednesday



Although, Nice CA is on Clear Lake, which is quite lovely when the region isn’t on fire.