Trump is waging a Central American style "Dirty War" on Portland


Enterprise Rentals Cars tho. Just have normal Oregon " Air Freshener plates", no special symbols or lic “code” to distinguish it from other cars by plate #



I’d read that somewhere to. Probably the same lefty site I follow.


I think we need more performance art and epic pranks. The night they locked the cops in the police station and had them tweeting to let them out was classic.






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Proof that Repuglithugs are closet cases.


There has been talk of a naked protest :grin:


One Main Place you can see just behind the Thunderdome material in the 80’s and 90’s there was a Nightclub in that building that the cocaine crowd loved that place for some reason.

Looks like the Trumpenwehr is erecting the Thunderdome.

Kevin David Williams
ront4S hpsronsorelsdd ·
Behind the courthouse on 2nd, pallets of heavy welded steel gates are being spread out along Main St and along the side of the courthouse. Two Homeland Security SUVs were observed parked along the pallets.
— with Kevin Encrypted Williams.



How wonderful is that? No training!



Heading to the Thunderdome…


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The big guy taking the beating in the last twitter vid I posted is a Navy Vet, Navy Wrestler. I guess they broke his hand… It looked like he could have taken them all and thrown them around like dolls if he wanted to.