Trump is waging a Central American style "Dirty War" on Portland








A man who attended Monday’s Portland protest as part of the PDX Dad Pod, was arrested by federal officers early Tuesday morning. He said officers took him to the ground after they tried to take away his leaf blower. Zack Duffly, a 44-year-old Port…




5 Seattle media outlets have to hand over their unpublished photos from a George Floyd protest to help police investigate suspected crimes, judge rules
INSIDER (Mia Jankowicz)
,INSIDER•July 24, 2020


Love that last pic, all the smoke, I think that’ll be our opening when I get my Ramone’s Tribute Band together…1234! Blitzkrieg Bop!..Hey ho, lets go!


Drums are so fucking awesome tonight…


No photo will capture the size of this crowd



I had a laser site or whatever it is from one of the sniper goons up in the building cross my eyes last night. I don’t know what they were shooting but we were pretty far back at the time… there was someone nearby hitting people up in the building with a laser pointer when they targeted me. I caught it on video targeting somewhere else…


Might not have been shooting, most of the time the sniper is just providing surveillance.


Last night was so hilarious, those guys are getting trolled to all fuck… lmfao Portlanders are too smart for them.


Dunno if it’s been verified here yet, but at least one or 2 contingents of the DHS goons are positively ID’d as being Erik Prince Rent-A-Goons from one of his post Blackwater entities.


Is there still significant numbers of black people coming in for the festivities?


I’ve seen some more about that… I’ve thought they were merc goons all along…


Oh yeah, it’s a multicultural event but yeah portland has a lot of white people. Filled both parks and the streets in front and to the sides last night. #wallofvets #wallofmoms #wallofdads, drum line… Here’s my vid, my camera doesn’t have the best night video… don’t miss trumpet guy charging into battle as the gas was coming lmfao…