Trumpet man gives epic speech, plays the Star Spangled Bummer and gets arrested


He’s one of our hardest protesters, he came here from Seattle to fight the power with us. Here he gives a speech while standing with a Blue Lives Matter group before the Portland PPB arrest him for trespassing for taking a little of the spare police tape they taped the park off with and wrapping it around himself. He’s out but the fuckers kept his trumpet.


Trumps Merica for ya


He reminds me a little bit of The Original Techoviking.



My favorite part is when he says to the three cops… two male one female… “you want to put your hands all over that woman (referring to someone they arrested earlier) and lock her in a little box… he jerks off to that shit at night! That’s some Jeffery Dahmer psychopath shit!”


What little i heard i OPB this morning, sounds like these riots have turned way boring. Oh well it was kind of fun while it lasted, although at times it was hard seeing some of the accoutrements of my ancestral homeland vandalized.