Trying to eat healthy


Too much gives me acid reflux. There is a clear connection with me. Nothing like waking up at 2am with acid in your sinuses after eating a pizza. I can avoid this by having a small amount of baking soda just after having the pizza.


Were you using virgin coconut oil? I mean, I get acid reflux, but if I take a teaspoon of coconut oil before bed, I NEVER get it.


You might be low on gluten.


I was eating this Kroger brand… doesn’t say “virgin”…


I think i read that that brand might have cock semen in it.


Yeah --it really does need to be virgin – meaning it wasn’t hydrogenated or whatever shit they do to make it as unhealthy as possible .


Does that mean it is made with whole cherries?


You got it.


Thanks, I’ll give some a try the next time I make edibles. :slight_smile:


What about gelatin based edibles? Do they use a oil base in then?


I can make some out of this world gummy’s out of hash oil/shatter with a very small amount of coconut oil but the problem I had is they go bad and start molding fast even if you try adding a bunch of citric acid as a preservative. .


Can you refrigerate or freeze them?


Refrigerating extends their life to I think about a month. Never tried freezing them but I imagine you could.


Are you channeling Flannel?:grinning: