Trying to eat healthy


Stir fry kale (or collard etc) with garlic and red pepper flakes.


Just like grandpa taught us.


I think I first heard that recipe from your grandfather’s other grandson.

Hey, maybe Rancid is one of your half-cousins?


My wife makes cheese puffs with leek



So do you go to the farmer’s market and take a leek?


And he finds his friends and says “lettuce pray”


I will stick with beer, ramen, and the crackers L_B sez are plastic


I have a video of chinese making rice out of paper and plastic, seriously


The secret of the strength of the great wall of China is rice - bonds the mortar - 3 percent rice

not kidding -



And the spirit of the hundreds of thousand who died building it


So this guy had part of the wall built and they never got invaded in the part he built

so his political enemies said why the fuck did we build a wall if we never got invaded? (like 20 years later)

Kina like now - not making that up either - it really happened


No, but he does like the peenuts.


Yeah hey, we can stop vaccines because nobody gets polio anymore, too.


That is why you need to have a breakfast.A small breakfast will keep you from overeating later.

A little fat(butter) is OK too.


So I fixed salmon fillet, cooked in a skillet, in a small amount of olive oil… brown rice, salad, for dinner. It was pretty good, haven’t had salmon in awhile, need to start eating fish once or twice a week, it was a nice break from chicken.

What about lamb? Yay or nay?


Fish is great, especially if it’s fresh, number one way to foul up fish is to overcook.

Lamb, dunno.


Lamb if it’s grass fed, no hormones. Seriously, the grass fed thing is important. When animals that aren’t meant to eat corn are fed corn, it changes the omega balance in their meat, and that is bad for you when you eat it.


It’s interesting. I don’t eat beef, haven’t in 30 years. On the rare occasions (I mean, I can count them) when I have, I have always gotten sick to my stomach. My daughter wanted some beef, though, so I bought some. Grass fed, organic. We had burgers, and I didn’t get sick. For the first time ever. But that had to be the first time I’ve ever had grass-fed beef.


I didn’t eat beef once for 2-3 years, then got a big mac or some bullshit, made me sick.