Trying to get a medical device


Insurance don’t cover at one place and you cannot pay cash

they don’t take cash

how fucked up is that

None of them take money

Finally got it covered at another place


Fuck you Trumpcare!


Not the first time I heard this

We don’t take money only insurance



says so on my moneys


Did you try crypto-currency?



tell em


So even when you can pay they make it hard. Fuckers.


I wanna get this thing for Dawn

Ya have to read it all

Medicare covers it - but not at retail pharmacies cause medicare does not pay much

So I call one place we get stuff from and they have have it but they do not have a medicare contract for it so I ask how much it is for the hell of it and they sed you cannot pay cash

So medicate covers it but you cannot get it -

I finally found a place that has it and they sed medicare will cover it - they are getting a script from the doc so I shud get it for free

Medicare covers diabetic stuff for free but ya can’t get it - took me two months and the help of a girl at the pharmacy doing paperwork

I was even on the phone once where they told me it’s free and but ya gotta go thru hell to get it cause no one will sell it for what they get

some things the pharmacy loses on

the very good part is after all the bullshit she prob get a about 15 grand of stuff a year for zero cost

I will get this for free for sure

read the whole thing for a laugh

Unfortunately, the Libre system is unavailable in major retail pharmacies for those covered by Medicare. Instead, Libre will be available by prescription in the United States through Edgepark Medical Supplies, Byram Healthcare, Solara Medical Supplies, Edwards Health Care Services, Better Living Now, and Mini Pharmacy.

Murica - it’s covered but it’s not


I got the thing for free (prob 150 bucks a month) thru mail order

But I cannot get it at the pharmacy

figure that the fuck out


On it’s way - thanks Obama

they thot it would a year to get medicare to approve it and it took no time at all
I hope cheeto don’t find out