Tuna Sandwich


I eat some tuna every once in awhile… I like the solid white Albacore in spring water, starkist I think it is… on a couple pieces of whole wheat bread, then I piled fresh buckwheat microgreens on it… some salt and pepper… the buckwheat micros are the secret ingredient…


One of my especialities is a toasted tuna sandwhich, basically just make yer sandwhich then fry it in some olive oil on both sides, mm mmm that’s some good eating


Get some sardines


Unfortunately, that’s the tuna with the highest levels of mercury.

The cheap tuna comes from smaller fish that haven’t been exposed as long to mercury. A lot less toxic.


Ooh, a little cheddar in there for yer tuna melt.


I used to like to indulge in tuna from time to time. Ended up having to share half the can with the furballs. Would barely leave enough for a sandwich!

But the BP gulf oil disaster and the Fukushima nuke plant disaster have put me off eating anything from the oceans.

I get twitchy when shrimp season starts. I miss those with spicy cocktail sauce.

Once in a great while I break down and have some smoked baby clams or oysters on crackers. But those days are getting fewer and further between.