Two tickets to Paradise? Your ship is ready, Eddie



I was JUST about to post on him. First things first, Eddie Money had a HUGE impact on me one night, my FIRST concert. Boston, Eddie Money and a band called New England that had some minor hit at the Pontiac Silverdome, myself, my best friend, his sister (who was my debate partner in HS) and my best friend growing up, Roger who was dating my friend’s sister. Roger was 18 and could still get us booze at the time as the age wasn’t 21 yet in Michigan. We got drunk on rum and Coke, and I was all of 15.

Hearing Baby Hold On as Eddie Money came on stage was transcendent. The HUGE speakers, the LOUD sound, the ROAR of the crowd, the Bic lighters everywhere was AMAZING. WOW, I need to see SO MANY more concerts.

That was the story August 19, 1978.

By all accounts he was a really nice guy, one of the good ones in music. He had a disc jockey job in Detroit forever and he’d tell such amazing stories about being on the road and running into other musical stars, “So we’re in Pittsburgh one night and I’m backstage and there’s Mick Jagger talking with ________” Stories like that that radio listeners want to hear.

RIP Eddie Money


Greg Kihn (Our loves in Jeopardy etc) has or had a syndicated show like that too, and he’d casually name drop the big stars he rubbed shoulders with during his 15 minutes.


GK was a local DJ and we got those stories every morning. And Eddie was a good friend of his.

They started a summer cheapie concert series at the Shoreline, called the Greg Kihncert, where he would open and some bigger act headlined. Eddie Money was the first.

(side note: I saw Boston at GK2 for 12 bucks, and the Who at GK3 for $25.)


There’s a widely known outdoor concert venue named Pine Knob in Clarkston, about 30 miles N of Detroit, I grew up right by there. Eddie Money for the last decade has always been the first artist to perform there each year. Pine Knob isn’'t open until Eddie Money said it was