US Army converts to Sharia Law


New Army policy OKs soldiers to wear hijabs, turbans and religious beards


Getting desperate for recruits?


Oh good, the Amish can join now.



Hispanics know best.


Why don’t the moderate Hispanics denounce these extremely radicalized Hispanics?


I hear they are too busy taking over Chicago to denounce racism.


Are the Hispanics the ones that want the Sharia Laws?


Weird looking moose limbs if they are.

Saw the last half hour of Giant on TCM tonight. Still never seen the whole thing. Ol’ Rock gets beat up good defending the mexskins in the diner. Good scene.
Saw Pan’s Labyrinth last night - del Toro. Excellent movie. If you haven’t seen it, you may wish to investigate the possibility of watching it. Your choice, of course - just a suggestion. :smirk:


No white people ever tattoo themselves like that.


MS13 won’t let you into their club, Wab. Know why?

Because they’re racist.


And therefore what? There are black racists, white racists, asian racists, etc.


I hope you will join me in condemning them for it.


Including those who focus on Hispanics?


Including hispanics, though one should bear in mind that hispanic is not a race, my little goober.


Semantics, the root issue of xenophobia still applies.


Black and white niggas out here will kill you over a half oz of weed around here, happens a couple times a year, people dying over an oz or less and even more get shot over it…


Hey, how many rabbits does it take to move a goalpost?


Good question. It took a Holliday d00l only one to do this:

So there’s that.