Veggie Garden 2018


Been getting about a quart a day off my 4x8 bed of strawberries for the last couple weeks but they’re pretty much done now. Love them, way better than the oversized awful ones they sell at the store.

Starting to get a few raspberries and they’re really good… I bought 20’ of roots last year for like $25 on ebay which I planted in a row about 15’ long… a 3 gallon sized plant the size of mine this year was priced at $20 at menards.


Gorgeous berries!

I have some strawberries coming in too. And my bareroot fig isin its second year of growth and there’s fruit coming in this year for the first time.


Here’s the rest of my garden, kind of under construction this year and not my highest priority… I have a row of salad mix, beans and tomatoes in the back.

Getting rid of the garden boxes I think except to use as mini green houses… too much hassle to weed them, would rather just be able to till and rake…


Nice. Do your plants get shade from that tree during the hottest part of the day?


Very nice, Bildo


Thanks rained like hell the last couple days, looking pretty beat up at the moment…


I found 2 nests of baby rabbits this year, well the dog found one of them… a lot of them scattered, the dog got one of them, but there are still bunnies everywhere in the backyard… they haven’t been eating on the garden too bad but the little ones grow up fast it looks like. You go out there at night in the dark and they’re jumping out of your way… rabbits everywhere. the dog’s going nuts all the time hunting them, they run circles around him.

When we go walking in the morning too, rabbits everywhere…


Not from that tree, it’s almost dead and falling in on itself, but a lot of the yard does get some shade. That spot where my lettuce/salad is at starts getting some shade at around 3-4pm. The tomatoes get sun most of the day.


Well, my garden is pretty much over… looks like a deer got in the yard last night and just ate everything, chomped the tops off all the tomatoes, etc. it’s really fucked now, I’m about ready to just mow it all down.


That sucks!

I wonder if gardens will be allowed when the nazis take over?


Do they hurt corporate profits?


Speaking of nazis - where is Boro


Bummer. I’d get rid of it too. What’s the point?


yeah just bums you out longer… I got a couple zucchini plants and some cucumber plants still I think… love my raspberry bushes, need to order more roots and use the ones I’ve got to make more plants. I could see doing a couple long 2ft wide rows of raspberries.


Where was yer dog?


in here sleeping like usual… deer usually come in late at night though… i figure it was a deer because there’s a bunch of flowers along the fence beat down and it ate the tops off everything…



Do not give up.

The plants will probably send out new shoots. Since the roots are strong your plants will be growing strong again in just a week or two.

Around my area people have accepted that the deer are an ongoing problem and they fence off a potion of their yard with coated fencing. Fencing for a 30X20 garden will cost about $200 for the fencing and the pressure treated 4X4 posts. Once done you will love it.


Now I know why my neighbor has like a 10’ high fence around his…


Love the raspberries I planted last year, well worth the $20 for the roots, they’re starting to put out their second wave of fruit.


Those are absolutely gorgeous. Good job.