Velcro dog



Haha. My dog acts like that.


Who the fuck ever heard of bringing a dog back cause it’s too nice?

This is why I shud be head of the world




When I was in High School we lived on a lake and had this yellow Shepard mix pupper, my Dad always joked that Skippy would gladly hold the flashlight for any thieves looting our stuff. So we get home one summer evening from a dinner out, and there is Skippy on the porch looking proud and excited and happy to see us, as soon as we get out of the car Skippy is barking and running around the side of the house down toward the lake, and then turning back to see if we were following, so Dad and I follow skippy and WTF, our boat is gone!!! There it is, it was about 100 feet out in the middle of the lake, they had cut the chain and padlock off and taken the boat out to steal the outboard motor…Dad and I rowed our rowboat out and retireved the boat.