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A monastery in the English countryside has fallen on hard times, and the monks decide to open a fish-and-chips restaurant. The establishment soon became very popular, attracting people from all over.

One city fellow, thinking himself clever, asked one of the brothers standing nearby, “I suppose you’re the 'fish friar?’”

“No,” answered the brother, straight-faced. “I’m the ‘chip monk.’”






One day the apprentice said to his mentor, "You take long trip. I try be shaman for summer."
The shaman asked, "Why should I take trip?"
The apprentice tried bribery. "If you take trip, I feed you belly full."
The shaman agreed, so the apprentice gave his mentor a big meal, and the next day the shaman left on his long trip.
But the apprentice turned out to be a terrible shaman. Within a week, the chief could not take it anymore, and left to search for the old shaman. He found him and begged, "Please come back to tribe."
The shaman asked, "Why should I come back?"
The chief tried bribery. "If you come back, I feed you belly full."
The shaman agreed, so they both went back, and the chief gave the shaman a big meal.
When the apprentice saw his mentor had returned, he asked, "Why back so soon?"
The old shaman explained, “Full me once, shaman you. Full me twice, shaman me.”