Veterans Day


My dad in Korea (which he hated, the Army, not Korea)


Such a back handed compliment. Your father would never had gone to Korea if it weren’t for the military.


I just had a FREE breakfast at Denny’s with a couple of other guys. Coffee and tip were extra, of course. But the waitress was lovely and spirited, and she earned a strong tip.


I haven’t yet finalized my lunch or dinner plans. There’s Applebee’s and the Golden Corral, for starters.

Some local places are waiting until tomorrow for the freebies, since the eleventh is the original date of the holiday.


It’s lovely that companies give Vets free meals on this day. It’s the least of what you guys deserve in terms of appreciation.


Literally, the least.


Thank you for your service.


I take it back, it was harsh. It’s not a restaurant’s job to care for vets, it’s the government’s job. A meal is a lovely gesture (tho a job would be cool too if it were needed)


Getting back to the OP, doesn’t WK’s olman look like a smooth operator?


My dad’s team stopped off in Hiroshima before Korea. He saw the horrors as very little had been rebuilt 8-10 years on



According to you, he bit the hand that fed him.


Actually, if you want to know the whole story he stood on his morals after seeing Hiroshima. He didn’t want to be part of a machine that did that sort of thing. He wrote a heartfelt letter to Harry Truman about it while in Korea. President Truman took time to write him back, my mom still has the letter. Truman told him he respected his opinion and that if that was his wish he’s grant him an honorable discharge. He did so my mom has the paperwork signed off by H Truman himself.


Wow that is some story! Makes me think Harry may have been troubled by what he let happen.


That story gave me the chills.

Thank you for sharing that.


Wow. Kudos to your dad!

My father was very disturbed by Korea and would never talk about it.


Trump pays his “respects” to Americas fallen.


Donald Trump simply prefers soldiers that weren’t executed.

His mom is such a whiny looser babby.