Vintage Folkcraft Dulcimers


Just picked these up earlier, got an amazing deal on them, they are around 1980’s I thinks. Don’t know how to play them… one is DAD tuning the other is in DAA I think it is.


It looks like something Romeo would play to Juliet and use as some sort of butt paddle


My favorite dulcimer video


It’s sound better than an acoustic guitar, nice


kind of a sitar like sound…


Guy had put some sort of pad on the back of the one to make it less likely to slip off your lap while playing it… he was like “I always regretted putting that on there.”

I got it off one side already and mostly cleaned up with a little lighter fluid and then spit shining it. :slight_smile:



Check this guy out…


I like that, in that middleish part it sounded like a little pedal induced distortion and repeated at the end.


Awesome. Nice clothing ensemble as well.