Waaaa- Boeing seeks to borrow $10 billion or more as 737 Max crisis wears on



No problem: I hear that Deutsche Bank will “loan” money to anybody.


Someone that leases a lot of planes and has 150 maxes on order sez to change the name

like mother fuckers would not notice the fucking engine config that makes it not fly

change the name - in the age of the internet - SMH

you would need a fucking swat team to get on any boeing plane


The last time Boeing almost imploded. Seattle almost died.



What the fuck good is the SST

ya can’t go supersonic till ya clear US Airspace or any other countries airspace after takeoff

not that I have an opinion


I think that is why old TA pulled the plug.


who is old ta


The Big Boss man at Boeing in the 60’s and 70’s

T.A. Wilson


One 737 is over $100m

The 10 billion would be repaid easily

Also first flight for my gorgeous 777X is coming up this week!



737 Max going through the FAA gauntlet right now :wink:


How rigorous has the FAA been, again?


They’ve been scrupulous this time around. Also, they’ve upped the process monitoring, FAA FOD Checks, and they’ve been harder on the 777X as a whole. The customer has also increased FOD checks and are doing more customer walks.

At this point I’m tired of getting emails saying “We also fixed this on the Max”, which roughly translates to “The FAA is also making us fix this”. For the better,

I believe Boeing is doing it right this time, and I have no qualms with letting my family ride on a Max.


In other news, Avatar wants to buy 30 747-800 for $10b


The Movie?


Sure… no