Wake & Bake


Today’s wake and medicate… starts with the rolling paper which I rub the left over oil off my dabber on… I covered it in a layer of kief that I pressed into the oil with another piece of parchment and then wrapped it around 3 different kinds of weed, mostly Grandoggy Purps and Deadhead OG.


Serious question, how many hours a day are you high?


Bless you for inspiring me to do the same.


I think if I injected some of that, I’d go into a coma.


Just fired up the remaining 3rd of this joint…


Instead, you should be asking yourself, how many hours a day aren’t you high? :slight_smile:


How many hours of the day aren’t you high?


That joint would last me a month… LOL.


just finished the roach…


Another wake and bake joint today, Grandoggy Purps flowers on top of a little Deadhead Kief with a little rosin oil running through it, just fired it up.


Did anyone here ever try LSD? I was always afraid that I would lose control trying that.


Many times. Blotter, microdot… you name it. Always had a bad trip. You never know what you’re getting with that shit. I would recommend mushrooms for your first time.


Once you take psychedelics you never come down, you just get used to it.


I’ve known several people that have had the best experience when actual chemists are the ones making the LSD.


Like Greek?


My biggest mistake was probably buying my acid in the bathrooms at Rock concerts.


Today I’m waking up with a king sized kief tipped joint with a tip.




Both guys were professors at Universities…I don’t know that Greek was a prof…but kinda.


This morning I’m just smoking a plain jane pregnant fattie.