Wake & Bake


That joint hits like a bong… fat as a cigar…


A friend of mine stopped by this afternoon and he saw the half burnt joint on my desk and he’s like “God damn that’s a fat joint!” So I’m like here fire it up man! He starts hitting it hard and it totally fucks him up, he was coughing all over himself and shit. Then he’d hit it again and start coughing all over again. lmao




Smoked half of this kief/oil joint already, not a pretty joint but man… kind of hard to roll that oil soaked paper coated in kief, like rolling with a wet paper…


wow that was an amazing joint, just finished off the roach…




My reason for getting out of bed, another kief/oil tipped joint with a bunch of kief rolled up in it too…

Smoked this bomber last night…


Got a “Juicy Jays Blunt Roller” in the mail today and some RAW king size papers. and also a RAWket cone kit which I’ll post later.

The Juicy Jays Blunt Roller is pretty awesome, I just rolled up this perfect cigar sized 3.2 gram joint, it could probably hold another gram or two. I was hoping it held a decent amount of weed and didn’t just roll skinny joints like my other roller.

This is what I’ll be smoking on tomorrow morning and probably most of the day. Anyways, 2 thumbs up for the Juicy Jays roller, they need to make a 12" version, I’d buy one.


Son, if you’re going to be smoking 2 plus gram joints, you should probably start a grow operation nahmean?


I have very good friends. :slight_smile:


No pic today but I’m blazin whether you believe it or not. …


I think I stunk up the whole neighborhood with this bomber this morning.


My old lady gave up weed for lent. I don’t know why she does that shit, she isn’t even Catholic. It’s been a living hell for me. Weed is the only med that keeps her half sane. I sure hope this lent shit ends soon.


You could try feeding it to her without telling her.


Good idea. Anyway, she only said she was giving up smoking weed for lent. I do need to lay some edibles on her.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Now that’s some funny shit. :joy:


Baking up with a joint of this Cherry Deadhead OG Kush,


Getting my day going with a king sized cone joint filled with Deadhead OG and Grandoggy Purps.


Smoking on these two nugs this morning and today…

Deadhead OG - super frosty and potent… OG Kush x Chemdog

Grandoggy Purps - this shit’s incredible… smells and tastes like grape candy and roadkill skunk… GDP x Chemdog D