Wanna know what an airjack being hit with 150 lb of air sounds like


Ask the telemarketer who was gona fix the overcharge on my electric bill


I’m dealing with the same issue with my gas bill, fucking PG&E. Not a telemarketer, but instigated by myself.


Mine is a scam - not overcharged


Mine is both. The scammer is PG&E.


While PG&E has certainly been this decade’s Poster Child for corporate fucktardry in the public utilities business, every decade has had its share of it. Deregulation, amalgamation and whatever MBA crime it was Enron was doing have made it worse, of course.


Are you trying to say you launched the cunt into the stratosphere over hidden fees?

I still reckon we vote Dook for president.


Caller ID is worth the expense, the caller name even shows up on my TV. If I don’t clearly recognize the caller name I don’t pick up.


It was a scammer trying to get electric account number to switch to another supplier at much higher cost


That sounds like a subtle yes.


Yeah, that – in a way


Metaphorical air jacks? Or literal air jacks used in more creative ways?


I was splitting wood when the call came so I gotta go with real


Those splitters are pretty good. Have you seen the offset axe? I feel it would break your wrist, but it seems to work.


They are from long ago - I believe they worked well

hitting the wood on an angle works better then straight down


Yeah, from what I’ve seen they are okay. I like the good ol’ maul though. Splitting pegs work well too.

But auzzie hardwoord is crazy. Ironbark can warp steel. I don’t know what wood you are working.


I don’t know what it is - a tree I cut down - I am not too good with wood types outside of oak or the obvious ones
I got a dead Sassafras tree to cut down - but little heat value I think

I heard about the Ironwood - They used it here in one spot keep sound down from the superslab -


Its a really cool tree. It’s like the master lumberjacks challenge. You can make some really awesome stuff, if you can be fucked working with it.


I have a piece of Ebony which is hard as a rock and heavy


Ebony is cool too, I like the color. I’ve always wanted to try and bow some of the super dense woods, but it’s too easy sticking with the hunting compound.


The ebonies are way too brittle. Can’t even steam bend them, unless you’re working with veneers.