We got the best healthcare in the world



Did I mention I paid around $200 US for my wife to break her ankle, involving the ER in Monaco,4 xrays, two doctors (one a specialist) and a nurse who gave a shot? And another $150 for the crutches and the awesome boot that had an air bladder in it.

Also $20 for some pain meds that turned out to be the European name for Tylenol. They swore it was not the same as acetominophen but my google AND my home doctor said uh, yeah it is

Oh yeah forgot, around $180 for the taxi to and from the Monaco ER from our place in France, and our driver was an ex-paramedic in London and helped get MrsWab in the car, out, and into the ER.

Shit adds up… woulda been free if we were French citoyens, and more than a few thou here at home.


How’s is the ankle now, all better?




I tol the story about the guy from Lebanon who was new to the USA and took his baby to the ER for a high temp

they sent him home with a baby aspirin and a $950 bill

He came to me cause I use to help him out with how it was here