We need more posting


Now that I’m officially free full time. I want to most more here. We should all try to recruit one person to this forum.

Can we be more open to folks of other political points of view? I don’t want to be in an echo chamber. I know I’ve posted this before, but every once in a while, it’s good to try again.

We can keep our old timers discussions private.


You want pro-Trump AND pro-reality?


Who said Pro-Trump?

I’m not talking about the average dummy on forums.

But, if they are…they’ll get what they deserve. We just have to keep it civil.


I tried saying hi to Peachy elsewhere and he ignored me.

My feelings are hurt


@Spoon gunslinger


I don’t understand.:slightly_smiling_face:


Her indentured servitude has been paid in full.


Show him your tits!




Hey, don’t you know any other conservative you can invite here?


Clearly I must have overlooked your post. You must know by now that I welcome you here.

Actually I’m checking out someone ATM, the dutchman at BF. BF is a total waste of time as far as I can see, but one or two posters there might be interesting.




I thought you were talking to LR. Lol


I feel better now! Hi Peachy



No, I’m a good girl…:rofl: