Wednesday we get our first image of a black hole



Let’s shed a tear for this momentous event. Carl Sagan would be proud.


Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of Chris Cornell!


If light can’t escape it, how can we get a picture?


With a Black Light, duh!


How do you like the night sky now that you are back home?


I LOVE it!! It’s like my old friend is back


By pulling in all the nearby light the image gives a 3-D look, I think it looks like an out-of-focus Krispy Kreme donut.


Might want to check that hemorrhoid… might have flared up a bit there


The image looks kind of fuzzy, was it photographed with the Hubble Space Telescope?




I am just glad that it was a “normal” person making all this happen.


They are going to add even more telescopes to this project, even one or more stationed in space.

Far out!




But not me, I’m smarter than that, I worked it out.



Technically (since I am a bit of a scientist myself) the BH is not 6.5 billion times the SIZE of our sun, it’s 6.5 billion times the MASS of it.

Many people are telling me this.




Danni Targaryen, mother of black holes