Weinstein's efforts to silence victims and journalists


Weinstein allegedly hired intelligence agency to target accusers
Harvey Weinstein hired an elite private agency run by former intelligence officers to gather information on women who had accused him of sexual misconduct, and specifically targeted accuser Rose McGowan, a source familiar with the investigation told ABC News.

The use of the company – called Black Cube – was first reported by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker. Farrow appeared on “Good Morning America” Tuesday to discuss his latest New Yorker piece and what he calls “an international campaign” on behalf of Weinstein to keep his accusers from coming forward.

“This was elaborate and expensive,” Farrow said. “This was all conducted in secrecy … I think the story makes it clear that they were focusing on everyone trying to get word out about this.”


The info about Black Cube is pretty disturbing.

Here, apparently, is a growth industry

Why is Weinstein not in jail already?!?


Right now it’s mostly he said she said, but at least one DA. Is looking at bringing charges in NYC.


They need to get moving on this.


There are several companies out there doing this kind of stuff, a combination of PR and spycraft. Black Cube differs from Krall and others in being staffed by ex-Mossad Israelis.


I have a tin foil hat suspicion that some of this “Antifa” nonsense that takes place around already incendiary events, like “Free Speech Rallies” could be facilitated by a group or groups like this. I’ve read various accounts of them showing up and displaying military like precision in arrivals and how they moved with and through the crowd causing their mayhem.


Maybe you should make a tin foil beret. I’ve had that same thought a few times.


My scenarios often feature Erik Prince.


Yeah. Same with “anarchists” wreaking havoc at peaceful demonstrations.