Welcome to Murica



I can’t wait to leave this country. Honestly.


I just sent this to my lib senator who voted against Canadian drugs

I am sure this girls family will thank you for voting against importing drugs from Canada - you can claim all day long you support it but you know it will never happen

Sleep well


Good for you! These people have all been bought and sold. Sickening.


Read this crap - a fucking lib yet

he supports a drug bill he knows will never pass


Fucking douche

Thank you for contacting me. Your e-mail has been received and will be responded to shortly.

Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.


Yup. Neoliberals are as paid-for as CONs. I say fuck every one of them that takes corporate money, because they will not pass laws for the people, they will pass laws for their donors, every time.


In the US, corporations are people too dammit!