Welcomed to Europe, Arms outstretched


There’s a few more here: http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2015/11/the-arms-outstretched/416916/


Wow. Those pictures make the reports about their suffering at sea quite a bit more real. What a tragedy.

But it’s heartening to see the people who are willing to help.


If only Progs had cared two years ago, then we could have done something to prevented this.

But no, you didn’t want to get involved with more wars in the Middle East and military spending, even while Obama was doing everything he could to destabilize Syria.

Good Lord.





This is just like Iraq, when we starved 500,000 children through sanctions, then Progs cried their crocodile tears after Bush freed the Shia and Kurds from apartheid.

You couldn’t give two shits for the Syrian refugees beyond trying to score political points off of them.




They aren’t walking to the US.


Huh? LOL, Man of oh man, seriously dude, step away from the crack pipe!


Wow, nothing gets by you doesn’t it? Except the point, what a maroon.


We could have helped. You guys didn’t want to. Now you pretend to care. It’s classic Progism.




It’d be easier for you guys to provide a link where you demanded we go into Syria to help stabilize it.

The population has been moving for a long time. Just because you didn’t notice it is not anyone’s problem but yours.


There has been a mass exodus of tens of thousands of people a day for a long time, orly?


Your nastiness must exhaust you.


Only if the truth is exhausting.


You being a nasty old coot = some sort of truth?

What universe is that in?


How many refugees have you signed up to host once they are allowed in?


The truth is often harsh.

It doesn’t care about your idealism.


What are Syrians known for? Are they good farmers? Are they good carpenters? Are they good with electronics? Is Syrian food any good? Will they clean homes or do yard work for cheap?

They must bring something to the table or STFO.


What in the name of fuck does that have to do with anything?