Well tonight should be a challenge


We have a lunar trifecta tonight; super moon, total eclipse and blood moon.

My pain in the butt is it looks like I will have clouds to contend with as well.

Should be interesting trying to get shots but my 500mm is nice and clean and I just put in fresh batteries.


Supposedly it’s only going to visible in the Eastern third of the US.


I look forward to seeing your pics.


Really? I thought we’d be able to see it too? Oh well, I planned on scouring the innernets looking for a new issue to get all excited about for tomorrow anyway.


You’ll get a partial there.

Wish I was in Ohio right now need to be about 75 miles west to lose the clouds.


It doesn’t look too bad in CT, just partial clouding.

Don’t give up Clue, if you can get some shots between the clouds they can look much more interesting that shots taken during clear sky. The moon will look very small even with a 599mm and flaming it with clouds might turn out to be the way to go.

Good luck!


According to what I’ve seen, you west coasters should be able to see the entire umbra portion, so it should be a total eclipse. You’ll only miss the penumbra.


It took seven years of Comrade Obama’s presidency, but at last…socialist hegemony over the moon is finally upon us!



Long live comrade Chairman Obama!


Damn clouds rolled in a couple hours ago, no can see


Where I’m at I haven’t been seeing the moon till around ten or so, too lazy to drive somewhere higher on a hill, so I’ll look for the pics on FB. I’ll look again in a few tho We have some clouds up here too, but not just partly as they say in the Weather biz.


Well, I just got a look at it, it was further “South” than i expected it to be, but it’s a sort of yellowy red and if we saw the full eclipse it’s about a 1/3rd way “uneclipsed” at this point, sorry don’t know the technical words.


Well it was quite the site the weather gods provided me an opening in the clouds to get some pictures before and at the start of the eclipse but the moon was once again obscured by a deck of stratus clouds and when it would peek out it was to obscured by cirrus and cirrostrutus clouds to get a decent shot.



Still nice pics +


We watched the moon disappear. That’s about it.


You got some great shots! There will be some partial solar(total maybe) and lunar eclipses coming up over the years, plenty of opportunities for further photography.

I think the clouds added something, I might try some shots of just a plain moon and clouds, maybe with a polarizing filter and a few other tricks.

Anyway, have fun, :smile: