What about left handers -


Why is she not bitching about the lack of LH reporters



She’s an attention whore. I don’t believe she’s interested in legislating any more than The Dump is interested in running the executive branch.

I wish she’d go away.


She certainly never read THE ART OF WAR


Neither have I. Common sense goes a.lpng way though.


Enjoy - http://classics.mit.edu/Tzu/artwar.html


Thanks, I’ll check it out.


CONz love her. She is rapidly becoming the new face of the Democrat Party.:slightly_smiling_face:


She’s only 29, she’s going to trip over her very long dick.


Maybe she is another Rolihlahla later known as Madiba - later known as Nelson Mandela

Rolihlahla, a Xhosa term colloquially meaning “troublemaker”