What's the diff between Fake and Virtual?


I was just thinking, along with our fake president we also have a fake First Lady, the most worthless non-functioning pile of shit ever to occupy that part of the white house.

It’s so bad, that this year Michelle Obama had to come out of retirement and serve as a virtual First Lady by partnering with MTV and others to host a Virtual Prom for all the kids in the Class of 2020.


Oops, I note that Dubya’s daughter Jenna Bush Hagler is also part of this effort.


You don’t think Melania’s anti-bullying campaign was real?


Jenna is working with Michelle? That’s decent of her.


What can Melania do? She’s a whore.


Maybe she could go on a USO Tour and entertain the Troops?


They want a red blooded American woman to entertain them, not some shithead former communist whore from Slovenia.


Those are big judgy words. Sex workers deserve just as much respect as anyone else, and she isn’t a sex worker.

Shitbag tendencies from the Party of Tolerance.

And last I checked you hated parts of the Constitution… doesn’t that make YOU the commie?


What amazing talent qualified Melania for the Einstein Visa again?


Does that mean she’s a communist whose?

Oak is just envious. Typical female on female hate.


I suggest you never use any source that you pull from your ass. That’s not checking.


So you agree that you’re just being hateful for no reason.

Does your employer and people you represent know you hate sex workers? Do they know you have communistic tendencies? Do they know you’re intolerant?


So classy!


And then what happened?


She shouldn’t be called a First Lady at all. She hasn’t done jack shit for the country.


This from a guy who argued that kids should be locked in cages, and called a candidate a homosexual slur. Now throwing multiple wads of shit at a wall to see if anything sticks.


@ Borommakot if I’d intended this thread as trollbait, I’d have put it in the Trolling category.

Actually I intended it to be an opportunity for us adults to explore the ways that VIRTUAL and FAKE differ from each other.

Re: Fake vs Virtual

While of course in many situations they might be virtually interchangeable, I see fake as just that not real, whereas imo Virtual can connote the innocent attempt to “recreate” an image or an idea to impart information or ideas…like the Robot Presidents at Disney, yes they are “fake” as in not the real President, but they’re not their to fool or deceive anyone, they’re just their to give the sense of what those Presidents might have been like to meet in r/l


Michelle Obama seems to be herself whatever the medium. She seems very down to Earth and approachable. I think that’s not fake, but I can’t be sure.

Melania might be a very real person, it’s just that the person she is is very shallow. She comes across as fake because of the context she’s in and the interests she has in being part of that context. I think she has never had any interest in playing the role of first lady. She doesn’t try much to hide that.

Michelle Obama very much relished the role of first lady and tried to do things to enhance the office. Her personality is warmer and more approachable than the former President’s personality. She wants to be in the mix after her stint as first Lady.

Melania wants to return to cocktail parties, shopping sprees and her friends and family. It’s pretty clear she doesn’t want to be where she is…so, she’s “fake”.


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