Who has the best Dick

  • Dick Trickle (NASCAR driver)
  • Dick Swett (US Congressman)
  • Dick Pound (WADA President)
  • Dick Braine (Newly elected Britain far-right party leader)

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Dick Butkus (Former NFL coach)


Among these 4 Candidates , for me the contest was between #'s 3 and 4, perhaps due to the numerous times I heard Company Commander (ie DI) shout “Dick Head!” and some clever variations thereof at anyone of us, or sometimes at all of us, in his good natured way of getting us excited about marching back and forth on the “grinder” for a while longer. I have to go with #4 Dick Braine

eta, in more than one of Master Chief Lyda’s motivational chats, he reinforced his definition of what a 'Dick Brain" was, essentially a late teen to early 20’s male that was very motivated by expectations of sexual gratification, generally without due effort.



I demand that Dick Buttkiss be added.

Or oooh, I’ll be so MAD!