Why did Democrats vote no


*Unless you’re a criminal and lose certain rights.


All criminals? Define criminal. I had an interesting discussion on this very topic the other day. And please go beyond the circular “someone who has committed a crime” nonsense. Any crime? Felony? Misdemeanor? Where is the line drawn where Constitutional rights are lost?


Ask the courts, why are you asking me? Why won’t you answer my questions? I answered the one question you asked me. Your turn.

Here they are written for a third time. Perhaps you’ll answer them this time.
Why do Democrats want to take my guns, but not illegals?
Why SHOULDN’T ICE and the ATFE be notified if an illegal immigrant has a gun?


What was the question?


Because you gave that as a reason, and it’s nebulous. Jaywalking is a crime, do you take rights away for that?


I spat on a sidewalk last spring, and they took muh Aegis Missile Defense System away.Sumbish Tyrants.



Gonna answer my questions now or are you too scared?


felons like that guy getting fired the other day? (Bought his gun “legally”)


Per the courts, felons can’t have guns unless they’re “earned their rights back”, which is quite the process. I have a friend who earned his rights back after a felony, kind of. Feds say it’s okay but the State doesn’t.


Border crossing undocumented is a misdemeanor.


And then there’s that pesky innocent until proven not innocent, dealio…


It can be a felony, too, y’know. I knew you were wilfully ignorant.

Nice to know my two simple questions are too hard on your brain though.


It can be? How hand-wavey.


Yes, illegal immigration can end up being a felony.


So uh, @Wabbit were my two simple questions too hard on you? I see you avoid them.


These people are right… Democrats don’t give a shit about the citizens, all they want is control. BIG FACTS. Also very scary considering the Dems mentioning using emergency powers to confiscate guns.


Um, I just got here … I see you’re asking 2 questions but I’m unclear on the context.

And now you’ve added this long unsourced quotee about the House judiciary committee which also lacks context, an author or a date. I’ll be happy to reply to that post if you can provide the missing parts.


Yeah that reads like an op-ed.


“can end up” means it isn’t at first, right?