Why is my cat so lazy and defiant?


Do you think one day this cat will wise up and just say fuck you I’m not doing anymore of your stupid fucking tricks or listening to anything you say, go get me some tuna asshole?


Boomer the skateboarding fucking cat…


I don’t get why anyone would invest that much time in training a cat. Nonetheless, those are pretty awesome cats!


I’d like to see him try to train mine!


I had a cat who probably would have done tricks like that if I had trained her. I taught her two tricks and she did them every time I asked her, without fail.


I have done almost zero training with Sadie, I don’t want her to feel indoctrinated and then grow to resent me later. Although at times, like when she gets out of the yard and has decided that I am to be ignored, it would be nice to have her come when I call.


I guess mine used to do a few things when he was younger but he’s old, lazy and grouchy now.


They are all different. The latest addition to my household is one of the friskiest cats that I have ever known, she will jump 3 or 4 feet off the floor to capture her flying bird toy. She is amazing!

She knows my habits. I usually forget and when I go into the ‘library’ with a mag and coffee she will show up with her yellow bird with it’s 4 foot half inch string trailing behind.

She has a captive audience and she knows it!


I used to have to get up for work at 5:30am and got into a routine of feeding the cat then.
I now am able to sleep in later, but someone still thinks breakfast is at 5:30am and will stand next to my head and meow until I get up and feed him. Jerk. But, I love him. :heart_eyes:

He’s not lazy or defiant, just predictable now.
We’ve been together too long. :rofl:


My black one will fetch pipe cleaners and my old guy used to sit and shake on command but now he just bitches us out about food and water.

Sorry to turn this dark but how do you know when it’s time to put a pet down? My cat is almost 19 and he’s super skinny, has lost a lot of teeth and meows like he’s in distress until I call him. He still eats and drinks and purrs. Will we know when it’s time because I don’t want him to suffer.


Mine’s around 17-18 years old I think, he’s approaching that day, he has a big tumor on his head, has gotten really skinny, bitches for food all the time even though he has food, he wants treats and other stuff that make him sick if he gets too much of them. But he still gets around pretty good and doesn’t seem to be in pain so I’m not going there yet.


That’s EXACTLY what mine does just without the tumour. He just wants treats and fresh water. Poor old bugger.