Why is this a thing


VI has not learnt a fucking thing yet - do yu really thing movies would help?


fucktheflag.com is available for a starting bid of 5000 dollars


You’re a confused little idjit


Why is this a thing?


or this?

Or this?



Nothing wrong with it, what’s yer point


I don’t think it was our founders intention that the flag becomes an article of fashion.


Well our founders also said "do not infringe ", but democrats give no shits about that either so


Yu mean like cons and female crotch doncha, or male crotch under 13


Why does Captain America himself, aka Ronald Reagan hate America?


Why does James Earl Carter The Greatest Ex President also hate America?


Why did JFK and RMN disrespect are flag?


You’re such a dirty old man


OMG even good old George Sr. desecrated are flag!


Mother Fuck!

Who does a veteran have to fuck to get a flag on this stage?


There’s a flag code, I hear spouted at flag burners, but I guess it don’t apply to anyone else


Drop by Boro, I will light one up fer ya


It’s always the low IQ fucks that “honor the flag” fuck off with that bullshit wanna be gi joe…


Why is this a thing?


Here, you can cum in yer pants Boro




Can you link to where I mentioned honoring the flag?

I’m just laughing at how y’all Democrats hate The United States of America :man_shrugging: