Why would anyone buy an apple product - ya can't even swap batts or fix a screen now


Fuck apple - 6x the price for the same stuff and they fuck with you


Shame on Apple for wanting their products fixed by qualified personnel.


I wasn’t paying attention, but my newish phone has an embedded batter, when I learned that I just well, I am sure they knew what they were doing, it’s fine. Lately I’m not sure, but it seems like my battery life is degrading.

PS, Fuck Trump


I wud never buy a phone I cud not swap the batt in 5 seconds -


Oh life, is bigger
It’s bigger than you, and you are not me


Thank the stars fer dat


I think Apple is designed more for non techy people, so maybe they don’t want what they consider to be technically challenged customers trying to work on their own phones.



They are forcing them to an apple store to replace screens or bats at 20x the DIY cost

any fucking idiot can change a smashed screen - now you cannot even do that


Why would anyone buy an apple product, period?

There is no logic beside we can make more money. Have people still not got apple is about the $$$

Did people miss when apple started slowing out old tech to force you to upgrade? Or did people forget?


Looks like they forgot -

Android fucking rules anyway


It’s pretty good for new users. You can do better, but you can do a fuck load worse.