Working On Updates Don't Turn Off Your PC. This Will Take A While


6 percent - so i got hours to wait


I found an Amorino’s in this little town, so I am a happy bunny

Amorino has the best fucking gelato on the planet, bar fucking none.

Well maybe except this tiny place in Bacharach, Germany

But everywhere else I been it’s Amorino


fixed it for ya


There’s a weed strain called Gelato from your part of the country that’s supposed to be good, haven’t tried it yet…


91 percent

I guess I could spend my next 71 fucking years learning fukin linux commands that are 6 miles long and make no fucking sense.

I will get right on it!


Here’s a simple one…

-le ‘$p=shift;open MAPS, “/proc/$p/maps”;
($m)=grep /[stack]/, ;
($a,$b)=map hex, $m =~ /[\da-f]+/g;
open MEM, “/proc/$p/mem” or die “open mem: $!”;
seek MEM,$a,0; read MEM, $c,$b-$a;
$c =~ /.\0\0\K[^\0].\0[^\0]$/s;
for ($i = $#a; $i >=0 && $a[$i] != $a+$-[0];$i–) {}
for ($i–; $i >= 0 && ($a[$i]>$a || $a[$i]==0); $i–) {}
print for unpack"(Z*)$argc",substr$c,$a[$i]-$a;’ “$!”


I think line 5 is missing a :


An hour of updates later…


Who was it who convinced me to put Windowze 10 on my machine?

I think it was Duke

It kinda surprised me

works fine

I run tons of pirated shit

Runs everything

MS is probably reading all my shit but who cares

I have cool Internet friends

Like Boro and Pupinia


it’s been deprecated


My pc showed what yours did. Then my screen went to “no signal” my pc is still on though. Did anyone else have this happen??


Is it a no signal to monitor error? like this… never had it happen to me, welcome to the bored…


Cash, gas or ass, nobody rides for free.


Isn’t it “gas, ass or grass”?


I was paraphrasing.


Over an hour and 20 minutes to update their shitty edge browser and throw a shortcut to it on my desktop that I didn’t want.

The other day I updated and RECOMPILED apache and php on a Linux server IN THE BACKGROUND while it ran… 2018 and Micro$hit still hasn’t figured out Background Updates…


I was trying to update or replace vista and two fucking days and I am no where - and I am no babe in the woods with this stuff

Crazy shit - like how about this

you can update vista to 7 pro but not 7 home - WTF

I tried ten on this puter and got fucking nowhere



And you will need to create a new 23-character password, using at least three numbers, two upper case letters, and five characters. Additionally, you must use a set of brackets and two forward slashes. And don’t forget, it cannot contain any of the letters in your name, or the numbers in your birth date. If you try to get away with using them, we will fuck with your computer.


Please also for extra security include two emoji and one spirit animal in your password.