Yikes, I missed this broadcast about Bill Wattenburg, former late night talk show guy on KGO The Blow Torch of the West, out of SFO


I know @Wabbit and probably @Oak, @Spoon and even @LotusBud knew of Dr. Bill. Maybe even @Starling heard Dr. Bill once in a while late at night on the AM dial, due the “the skip signal*” ie the am wave travelling much further at night when it has less radiation from the sun up in the sky battling for air space.

They call it the skip signal because on one night the signal might leap over Idaho and Wyoming etc but come in loud and clear in Minneapolis.


I only knew OF his show, never heard it. Occurs to me that I never listen to radio any more, except on car trips. That makes me sad.


“skywave” propagation.- not to get all sciency or sich

KDKA (AM) from Pittsburgh - 300 miles away on a cold winter night

My father said they listened when dirt was new

Stations reduce power at night cause of this


Dr. Bill was kind of a Rock Star, he even had a cameo in an Eastwood Movie.

He was almost John Birch extreme in his political views, but still a very bright man that had opinions on anything and everything, and suffered few fools.


I listened to KGO back when I had an hour commute, been 21 years now. Since I’ve only had to drive 10 at most these days I don’t get into the talk radio.


I’ve heard the name but never really listened to him.

Growing up Ray Taliaferro was the radio personality on KGO at home.


Traffic on the 8’s followed by Lloyd Lindsay Young (LL Cool Young) with the weather. LL was pushing 60 in the 90’s so it was cute.