Yo, Flannel


Flannel, this may be of interest to you. Take some stills and shop the heads of Mueller and his staff. It might go viral.:grin:


I worked in the US Attorney’s office for several terms while in College in a VA work study job, a Husband Wife Jobe sharing Team in the office were the two working on a law suit brought by a coalition of Indian Tribes about Native Fishing Rights as guaranteed under the terms of their treaties with the us, All the papers submitted to the court were placed in binders, they had the largest non Administrative office and it was like a mini library with shelves of these binders full of case docs, and they had taken the case over from a retiring Atty. they together had been working on it for about 10 years…so what I’m saying, The Federal government isn’t going anywhere and it is very patient.



Flannel is busy taking the tops off mountains fer coal now that cheets give them the OK