You can feel the greatness returning



Jeff how is that draining the swamp deal working?


trump’s presidency is finished: he is already a lame duck.


even the fake news can’t bring trump down.


One thing that is funny, the more dirt they try to dig on Trump, the more they find it. But it’s dirt belonging to the dems.


They don’t have to dig for dirt on Trump. He tweets it.




Try to accuse him of collusion with Russia and end up being investigated by a bad uranium deal with Russia?


Uranium Deal? LOL you’re kidding right?


I’m pretty sure Hillary and Trump both have lot o’ skeletons in Putin’s closet.

Should been Bernie.


they found their russian connection. to bad it turned out to be Hillary and obama


They finished paying for an opposition report the GOP dropped the bomb on, not quite the same as coordinating with a hostile foreign power in an election.





the democrats and the media keep throwing shit at the fan about trump and it keeps blowing back in their faces. everyone but the koolaid drinkers see how fake the news is now. the democrats are in disarray. no leadership, a couple of never was obstructionists who have accomplished nothing at their helm. dinosaurs gasping their last bleating breaths in congress and the senate. it’s become a very pathetic party.


I haven’t checked recently what’s Trump approval rating down to? Do you think it could go any lower, I mean would it be worth shorting?



by real people or fake news people


Put a cork in it Jeff…it’s almost Mueller Time.


I look forward to a Manic Monday.