You can feel the greatness returning



Trump is innocent and he knows it. When the smoke clears, he walks from all of this



Do you really think Alwaleed Bin Talal will bail Trump out again?


Sadly, he is just another victim of a Bernie Sanders supporter.

One weeps.




LOL I was just being a smart azz.:grin:


yep, nothing pointing to any trump involvement. another volley of blanks shot by the libs


Yeah just his campaign managers. That’s not close at all.


No use pointing out that Mueller is running this show exactly the way Justice traditionally goes after mafia outfits, drug cartels, and organized crime generally. Start with the little fish (in this case the guys who might only draw fifty years in the graybar hotel) and lean on them a bit to see who they roll over on.

No use pointing out that all the paid trolls on FB are chanting, “innocent until proven guilty…wait and see, wait and see, wait and see.”

Have some more Kool-Aid, trogs…the special Jones blend if you can find it…and wait and see.


That’s exactly how I see it going down too. You squeeze the bottom of the barrel and bigger fish come off the top.




in 2020 after trump is reelected libs will be coming up with the newest conspiracy theory


With 38% approval rating, it ain’t looking good ATM.


he had less of a chance to win the election, yet he did. fake news is just that, fake news.


the tax plan = a win. not the rob from the middle class and give to the rich the democrats have been claiming. doesn’t negatively impact 401K’s. benefits the small business owners and incents job creation. MAGA!



LOL, What Tax Plan? That cobbled together bad rehash of voodoo economics is DOA.


economics, something democrats will just never understand