You may not have what it takes to appreciate our beer



Hey! Those multi-million dollar ad campaigns provide nice people like me a good living.

In fact – funny story – one of those multi-million dollar campaigns I helped develop to sell that cheap yellow fizzy shit was specifically targeted to “the young, dumb and liberal.” I shit you not. Those words were right there in the Creative Brief. The campaign was quite successful too. By all the metrics we increased sales of one of the brands I work on by about 7%.

So fork over that $10 bucks for a 6 pack of your micro-brew and feel good about how superior you are … just know that guys like me manipulate your fellow Libs – “the young, dumb and liberal” – and make a killing selling our cheap swill to them.


Wow so they must have paid you millions of dollars for getting them all those sales aye? :slight_smile:


No, not quite. But I did get a nice bonus. That’s what happens when you create “added value.”


I bet the pictures had a lot of hidden cock - amirite - fuck yeah, hidden cock for more con sales


Porn companies give you a 50/50 split for sending them new signups, just sayin… :slight_smile: Fuck these mainstream ripoff companies.


I don’t even wanna know how you know that.


At one point I was one of the biggest promoters for what became… which is still a pretty huge porn company I think, plus their other site NastyDollars/Reality Kings would send me a nice check too. And I’d also promote other companies to see if they’d sell… Plus I was one of the first people to heavily promote the interracial stuff and probably made over $100k selling blacksonblondes memberships to conz… :smile:



Does Lotus know?


Everyone here knows I’m the porn king… :smile:


I didn’t know that until now.