Your Type, Spoon?



All the conz that would try to rape him are outraged in the comments. Great troll by Manning.


Manning should kill herself.

And Berghdahl.


Are you telling me you wouldn’t hit that, like the fist of an angry goddess?


Not even if it didn’t use to be a guy.




Since I’ve been called out, no matter how clumsily, I’ll make a pity reply just to say this…

Look, pal…I don’t mind yer posting trollbait, nor even the “Let’s You and Him Fight” kinda shitthreads yer so fond of.

But you really oughta include me out.


Leaking classified information.

It wasn’t even “leak worthy”, there was nothing “wrong” with the information.

He just grabbed as much random ass info as possible and posted it.

That kinda shit gets our guys killed.

So yes, Manning should kill herself.




This must be what Midge envisions as a grown-up community.



Well, I know you are quite the fan of Miss Chelsea and used a pic as your AV for a time. Just wondered if it went beyond simple admiration is all.


Links would give this troll a bit more substance.


I think it was Jayz that used the avatar for awhile.


Spoon did, not so long ago. Jayz hasn’t been around in ages since he took up with than tranny.





I WTFd when she became all retarded.

She should’ve been shot on sight.