2017 - Mindless Killing Machine


Son of 20 16 at it again.


"Ve haff vays uff making you stop talking"



obtuse troll is obtuse


What’s this thread about?

Is it specifically and only about Sam Shepard’s death,
about 2017 - mindless killing machine?




Bill Cosby?


Jerry Lewis - 91 YoA



And again, the information is available for those who are interested in knowledge



So? This is a thread about the deaths in 2017, not an individual thread for each. GET IT, BUGS?




Jerry Lewis died. 91 he was.


Oh darn it all to heck, Lamb Chop and Hush Puppy must feel empty inside now.


You may be thinking of UCLA, Fran and Ollie.


I think you mean Stan and Ollie



Now that think about it, it could have Charlie McCarthyism.


Charlie McCarthy was the base player for the Beatles! You know, Lenin/McCarthy.


Dick Gregory - 84 YoA



Is that the guy from, My Dinner With Andre?


Andre IS the brute squad!


Are you two attempting to damage this thread with your made in China Abbot and Costello knock-off routine?