Ahhhhh, summer fun in Illinois


How else are you going to hold the pool down while you drive? HUH?


That’s a pricey car, and she’s kinda old to have 2 kids that young, and she looks like hammered shit.

Maybe she’s in the meth biz?




By an amazing coincidence, Gypsy says it looks EXACTLY like the pool she bought today for the grandkids…except her SUV is not white, and not an Audi.

She was gonna blow it up with a bicycle pump but didn’t get very far. I’m hooking her up with a leaf blower for when she goes back over there tomorrow.




When I were a kid, I never wore no damn bike helmet and muh daddy used to take all 14 of us kids to the drive-in, in the back of his old pick up truck, after we got done racing all dad’s buddy’s on the gut anyway and we dint have no socialist nanny state goobermint telling us what to do or not do, and we somehow survived. Well 7 or maybe 8 of us did anyway, if u wanna count the one down in the basement.


And we used to swim in the fuking strip mines

now they wear space suits to go within a half mile of strip mine water


Dixon is just up the road.

Yes, they really are that blockheaded there. This is fairly typical shot for that town