All Plant Must Die!


I picked the final bunch of red grapes

and have tore out all of the vines. I’m now in the process of clearing all ivy and vines from my privacy wall.

One wall to go…

And then all of this shit has to go…

Even the potted plants have to go… except the cactus. As a former desert rat, I have a soft spot in my heart for cacti.

And that’s just the backyard. I also have a ton of foliage to remove from the front yard and sides of the house.


You could have a bigass bonfire.


When’s the party?


Oh, it breaks my heart to see all the greenery taken out. sniff


Anytime bro. Just let me know the next time you can get out this way.


Around here you can be thrown in jail for lighting a charcoal grill.


It’s just way too much foliage. I want a little bit of a buffer between me and the Angeles National Forest to keep myself from having to constantly fight with critters.