Apeman will love this for a different reason than the rest of you



Salesmen fcking hate those types of sales, it brings the mooches and dead beats out of the wood work who bring the fam and then plant themselves in a car, waiting for someone to come and hand them the keys.

Another hokey af type of sale that made the rounds around here was “The Slasher” sale, such BS, they ran kind of like an auction, the ring leader would walk over to a car, lets says it’s a avg $15,000, they’d scrawl something retarded like right now only $27,999.00 blah blah blah, ok imma slash that price all the way down to $23,000.00 then the salespeople are supposed act all shocked and blown away, and the handful of consumers all stand around thinking “WTAF?” Then after another “pass” or 2 they eventually get the price down to reality.

But the car biz is a crazy biz, and once in a while one of these types of sales actually works out ok, so the bosses keep doing them. Sometimes activity breeds activity.


I told everyone he’d love it…


Hey Ape, have we ever talked about the Chevy dealer in Federal Way, WA back in the middle seventies? I think his name was Dick Balch. He did these fantastic 9 second TV spots where he’d fade in standing next to a car, holding a car radio in one hand…“hello, I’m Dick Balch down here in Federal Way, and if you come in today and buy this new Corvette I’ll throw in the radio for FREE!” And he’d turn around and heave that sumbich thru the windshield…and while you’re asking yourself “wtaf did I just SEE?” it would cut back to his crazed face and he’d do a screechy cackle and fade to black.

9 seconds.


Oh Yeah, he was in his prime when I lived up in that area for a couple years of high school, he was even voted in by the Student Body as a guest speaker one day, where he talked about how that whole crazy throw and 8 track deck through the windshield etc, fascinating era. He even looked like Sonny Bono, with his velvet suits and shag haircuts. and wacky laugh