Boro - ya better hope they don't fly ya to Venezuala


On a 737-Max


This is what happens when ya let H1B’s write the code


I think it’s those Hauwei GPS Systems.


Course it may be better fer him if it crashes and is over quick


Indian H1b code

I had to fix a program an Indian wrote

The fucker had code that changed other code so that code did not really mean what it sed

I put it in the fucking trash and rewrote it lefty

I was really good at it until PPC072 - that one fucking buried me -


I’ve flown on maybe 10 or so 737s. Zero problems here.


All Americans are being told to gtfo now. Get your boots polished Bromo


Naw - China/Russia and now the EU today sed hands off


So the enemy says hands off- and you’re supposed to care… why?


What enemy? Putin and The Donald love each other deeply and passionately.


I am fucking happy they did

cheeto got the whole world against him on this one - except prolly them jew and arab cock sucking maggots

even the EU told him to fuck off


And in 5 years the EU will bitch at us for inaction.
Fuck the EU.


It’s none of our business - none - get it?

All yer lifer buddies thumping their chests sayin FUCK YEAH INVADE - are going to have to go back to rock painting

You think cheeto gives a rats ass about starving people or dying babies - it’s all about the oil

plenty of countries with famine and no oil - why are we not helping them


Plenty of other countries with famine and no oil that we give millions of dollars to. Venezuela is having a violent uprising- that’s the difference.

Go back to sleep, grandpa.


Maybe enuf grandpas died for fucking nothing - you think you would catch on - but no

you wanna fucking know why some of my friends are not grandpas - they are fucking dead and not from old age - because of oil


You don’t gotta lie to kick it