Burn baby burn


I was telling my friend we gotta get the fuck outta here before they start tear gassin and billy clubbing everyone… there wasn’t nearly as many people there as in the video I saw… but people were already starting to yell to “burn it all down” and I know how this shit goes in Portland… she was like oh… they aren’t going to tear gas everyone and I’m like oh yeah they will lol


You have more than just the cops to watch out for too, when adreniline gets pumping anyone can become a target.


Like this is 15x more people than when we were down there…


It was mostly white punks on dope so we fit in pretty well.



Welcome to the PNW…there is a sizable POC population in the area, but I am pretty sure far less than what you are used too.


The truth couldn’t be truer


It’s pretty diverse where us poor folk live…


I would like to add, that peaceful protest can be very effective. This occurs in my adopted country 6 or 8 times a year. Those protesters range from teachers to fishermen and a bunch of groups in between. They are planned well , and never violent. They are mostly designed to stop or slow traffic, closures, restrictions on certain goods. More than once I’ve been delayed for a few hours to several hours, during a protest.Seems like those folk who are inconvenienced show solidarity instead of anger. The syndicates (unions) are usually successful.


Racism is an Albatross on the world. more complex than teacher’s pay etc…MLK had several “successful” peaceful protests 50 + years ago and here we are today.


There has been 2 POC Chief’s of Police in Portland, the last one would still have been there, but she bolted for a Job, I think in DC. nope Philly




They hit the Apple store… a couple weeks ago this security guard at the Apple store was telling us how it would cost over a million dollars if they ever had to replace one of the glass walls…


Struck a nerve…