Chief Charged With Seeking Sex From Agent Posing As Girl, 14


WOW - you think the police would have an idea that they run stings

I guess he don’t have to worry about going back to work


one of those idiots that lost part of his arm in a fireworks accident, maybe you got to laugh at him while you were sitting outside the ER.


I only ever thot of that after my wife used to tell me fireworks stories when she worked in the ER


This poor wife - my gosh


The accident was horrible, but maybe the experience can improve things for others, he added.

“Over the years, there has been a picture painted about bad cops but not good cops. Well, the arm is an icebreaker. People want to talk about being a cop and the arm. It’s an opportunity to share.”

So, did he explain to them what being a bad cop is all about?


Pathetic. Really.


So, let me get this straight

Lets say he met this girl and they did whatever

so later on the girl has second thoughts

Like he would be so hard to find - with one arm and in the news for a year

He should have worn noses and glasses