Chimpout in the you-kay


Oh wait a white dude did this, jogging by and pushes a woman in front of a bus

15 minutes later he jogs by again and ignores her as she tries to ask him whatdafuq



We need to ban white people from the UK, just until we can figure out what is going on. GD Savages!


They got him.

They are not saying what color or religion he is, so he must be a muzzie.



Trump supporter confirmed.


American. Figures. I guess he thinks Trump will get him off.






Probably because they profiled him, all the white dudes look the same to a London cop.


Yeah, it’s just part of the stop and frisk policy, you’re going to traumatize a few innocent people, but if we actually caught one bad guy out of a thousand good guys, the violations of civil rights will have been worth it.


Well, at least he didn’t pour acid on her, like UK’s newfound diversity


Well, hey, it’s all good then.



Strange. White American financier sure as shit fit the profile.


This is a good reason why people shouldn’t be publicly named until they are found guilty of a crime. The jurors in the court of public opinion are uninformed.