Conz still clueless... why do they hate us?


Why are they burning down their cities? Blah blah… they’re so dumb… we should have just sent them all syringes of bleach…


Systematic racism aside,

I think murdering people protecting their property and burning/looting property is a good place to start looking on why people hate the looters

Protestors don’t seem to be causing problems


I see a huge difference between looting a mom&pop store and dragging a big ass TV out of a big box store like Best Buy, where the inventory and building are insured anyway.

Basically I view “principled” looting as an act of revolution or at least a political statement, and fully support it in most cases. But looting just to be smashing shit, or because you’re stoopid enough to follow an agent provacateur into it … well, that’s just an act of stoopidity.


The problem when people loot TV’s, Rolex’s, Chanel, etc is that it looks like people are just thieves.

Loot necessities like food, diapers, etc…it makes sense. Otherwise, it just distracts the general public from the actual message: killing people for the color of their skin is abhorrent .